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Hair transplantation operation

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation operation is a non-surgical procedure, in which hair follicles are transferred from the donor area, i.e. the back of the scalp, to the receiving area; i.e. the bald areas to be treated.

Because of changes in technique, hair transplanting can now be offered as a reasonable option to more male and female patients who are not responsive to, or likely to benefit from, medical treatment. These changes have also resulted in exceptionally natural-looking results, even after a single session in an alopecic area, or in many individuals with prior and cosmetically perfect transplanting results.

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(FUE) Technology

With this technology, the follicles are picked out from the donor area via the Micro Motor, and transplanted into the receiving area by opening fine channels in the bald areas with precise medical forceps. The operation takes around (6-8) hours, transplanting up to (4000) follicles.

(Mega FUE) technology

Mega FUE is undergone over two sessions during two consecutive days, transplanting a maximum of (8000) follicles, and giving the hair more density.

(Ultimate FUE)

Ultimate FUE differs from FUE in terms of the medical scalpel which is made of fine blue sapphire that prevents damage to the scalp during the picking process.

(DHI) Technology

The doctor opens channels in the areas of baldness that due to be treated with Choi Pen Implanters, then he implants the extracted follicles which are up to (3500). He does all this simultaneously with one click. The whole process takes around (6-8) hours.

(Mega DHI) technology

The (Mega DHI) technique is performed over two sessions during two consecutive days, using the Choi pens. However, with (Mega DHI), a maximum of (7000) follicles are transplanted, giving the hair more density and attractiveness.

Extremely DHI Technology

Extremely DHI Technology goes through the same stages of DHI technique, however, it enables the doctor to transplant up to 5000 follicles during 12-15 hours over only a session.


DHI Technology: The follicles are picked up in a very simple way from the donor area, to be implanted directly one by one, through a device called Choi Pen Implanter, Choi pen helps give high intensity as the follicles are grown close together.

Robot Technology: One of the latest techniques used in hair transplantation, where the robot helps the doctor in hair transplantation, by providing a proactive three-dimensional image of hair transplantation, where the donor area is identified and the best follicles selected for transplanting, they are then transplanted into the area that suffers of hair loss or baldness, using a double-cavity needle.

  2. Women who suffer of severe hair loss of partial baldness.
  3. Women who have a strong donor area.
  4. Women over 22 years of age.
  5. Women who do not suffer of hormonal disorders and diseases, such as; hypertension, hepatitis C disease, as well as acute anemia, leukemia, heart diseases, diabetes, beside thyroid diseases and immunodeficiency disease (HIV)

Beard and Mustache Transplantation

A beard transplant takes hair from another part of your body (usually the base of your scalp at the back, or under your chin) and transplants it to your face.

At this stage, it is decided which areas to plant and how much hair follicles are added. As in beard planting, channels are opened to the place where the planting will be performed. The grafts from the donor area are added to the opened channels.

Men suffering from the absence of mustache may receive treatment if the donor site is adequate and accepts the conditions of treatment.

One of the most important aspects of beard and mustache transplantation is a natural appearance after treatment.

Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant is a non-surgical operation. This operation is developed from hair transplant. Like hair transplant, hair roots are implanted to eyebrow area. Since it is permanent, more and more women are choosing this procedure. Also, men with eyebrow gaps commonly opt for this transplant as well.

Since the patient’s own hair is used, there is no color mismatch. And it is possible to create the desired eyebrow design. Before an eyebrow transplant, doctor will design and plan the new shape. In this case, it is possible to have a higher arch or a fuller look.

For this transplant, FUE Sapphire method is preferred. Hair roots are collected from the back part of the head near the neck. Then, the canals for the grafts are created by Sapphire pen and the grafts are implanted to eyebrow region.